In line with government requirements we have not physically gathered together as a church since the end of March. 

During lockdown each Sunday we are creating a playlist on YouTube containing, prayer, songs, children's talk and a sermon.

Sermons can be accessed directly from our YouTube channel here and playlist can be accessed from out Facebook page here.

If you would like to contact us, details can be found here


10 am


We believe Church should be like a family –

a family of people growing in love for God and each other. Church Together reflects that belief, and is an informal mix of the things God loves to use to bless us; time around the Bible, learning from each other, singing to Him, deepening our friendships, praying with and for each other, and hearing the Bible explained.


During the sermon, there is a creche for younger children and Children’s Time for children aged 3-11.




6 pm


An opportunity to be with friends as the weekend draws to a close, and to spend more time learning from the Bible.


5.30 pm


On the third Sunday of the month, Church Later starts at an earlier time and includes tea and communion.


We also have lots of the gatherings happening throughout the week. As well as seasonal events to celebrate etc...


Call Pastor Greg Cruse on 01934 876735

or email at

Horsecastle Chapel,

Horsecastle Farm Road,

Yatton, BS49 4QQ

Phone 01934 833486

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